Super Foodie Pantry Staples

My philosophy with respect to food is quite simple: NOURISHMENT.

Our bodies need and desire nutrients to perform the basic daily functions of life. It signals us when it requires nutrients with that hunger senstation, often times mistaken as a “craving” for junk. Cravings are merely a way for our bodies to tell  us “hey you! I need protein, fibre, fat, vitamins or minerals”. Although we may supply junk, and have some instant gratification from it, no doubt shortly thereafter we get that hunger or craving feeling again. Not to say that we can never have “junk”, but what if we filled our bodies first with all the nutrients it needed to function at an optimum level. What if we nourished our bodies instead of eating for instant gratification? Our desire to want that junk food will drastically reduce because the body will be satiated, and happy! When we start to look at the foods we eat from the perspective of “Nourishment” we become a Super Foodie!

And here are some super foodie pantry staples that I believe in because of their “nourishing” nutritional value, versatility, and great taste.

Everything on this list can be purchased through your local wholefoods, health food store, bulk barn. I love to get my Chia, Hemp and Coconut Oil from Nutiva.

Super Foods

Chia seeds – Chi..chi…chia! an ancient “supergrain” that has a powerful potency of Omega 3, calcium, fibre, iron, and vegetable protein. Chia seeds are best consumed in their raw form (meaning do not cook) and can easily be ground and sprinkled on salads, cereal, smoothies, yogurt. They taste great and will keep you energized throughout the day.

Flax Seeds – commonly known as a modern day miracle food, a rich source of Omega 3, lignan (phytoestrogen antioxidant) and great source of fibre. Grind and sprinkle on salads, use in the place of bread crumbs, sprinkle on cereal and yogurt, in baked goods and smoothies.

Goji Berries – Well known for its anti-aging and weight loss benefits. Goji berries pack more Vitamin C than oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots when measured gram/gram. Goji berries are the latest trend of superfoods among celebrities. Add to your cereal, baking, or salads as you would raisins.

Raw Cacao – otherwise known as raw chocolate, a superfood that I love because it is loaded with more than 300 compounds, contains more antioxidants flavonoids than green tea, contains protein and fat and a slue of other nutrients that are essential for correcting brain function. Use raw cacao the same way you would “chocolate”, throw into oatmeal, smoothies, baking, pancakes, heated milk, yogurt.

Cinnamon – In ancient times cinnamon was once valued more than gold and used as a currency. It is one of the oldest spices dating back to as early as 2000BC. Cinnamon is known today for its natural preservative qualities when added to food by inhibiting bacterial growth. Separate studies have shown that cinnamon may regulate blood sugar, lower LDL cholesterol, boosts brain function and memory. A source of calcium, fibre, iron and manganese. One thing for sure, cinnamon tastes great and can be added to oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, coffee, teas, sweet potatoes baked goods.

Hemp Hearts/Seeds – An amazing source of EFA’s (essential fatty acids), protein (essential amino acids),  fibre, vitamins and minerals. Hemp is something I like to consume daily, in the morning, for a surge of energy. It is a complete meal that will keep you energized for hours with as little as 5 heaping tablespoons and it tastes great!

Raw Unsalted Nuts – almonds, walnuts, cashews and more. A delicious source of protein, calcium, fibre, Vitamin E, and healthy fats. Nuts a great snack (just a handful because they are high in calories) and a delicious salad topper. Throw into your rice, baked goods, or blend up in a high powered mixer to make your own homemade nut butter.

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut – Contains high levels of B vitamins (excluding B12), folic acid, Vitamin C, a great source of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Sprinkle a few spoons into your cereal, oatmeal, or in your smoothies.


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A passionate foodie with a background in Natural Nutrition, Holistic Wellness and Professional Training at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Creating healthy and holistic recipes for friends and loved ones of the Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free fare.

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