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Not Yo’Mamma’s Brussel Sprouts

I used to hate eating brussel sprouts growing up. I remember my mother boiling these suckers, and serving them blanched with nothing but a bit of salt or butter. BLEH! To be quite honest I didn’t believe there was a way to make these amazing nutritional powerhouses tasty. Of course, as time went on, and […]

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Kale with Leeks, Coconut and Roasted Seeds

  I LOVE KALE! I mean, I love KALE so much that if I were a veggie I would marry it :). I eat it every day, I juice it, slaw it, chip it, shred it, you name it, if it can be done I find a way to do it. It definitely ranks at […]

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The Emperor’s Rice and Beans

The Emperor’s Rice, Forbidden Rice, or Chinese Black Rice whichever way you call it is by far my favorite of all the rice variants out there. It is similar to a sticky rice, chewy in texture, nutty in flavour and full of vitamins and minerals. It was believed by the Emperors and Royal Families ┬áin […]

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